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Deep Tissue Massage 
This treatment is designed to relax sore muscles, tendons and stiff joints by focusing on the deepest layer of muscle tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage

This specialized treatment helps to remove the toxins from your body , fight infections while promoting a healthier skin.

Thai Yoga Swedish Massage 

Enjoy a series of body stretches infused with yoga exercise techniques and deep tissue pressure points to clear your body's energy pathways.

Prenatal Massage

A deeply restorative treatment designed for mother's to be, helping to improve sleep, reduce stress and soothe muscles fatigue

Sports Massage

This intensive treatment is designed with athletes in mind, to focus on chronic muscle tension and relive stress.

Swedish Massage

The perfect remedy to ease your body from stress and tension while putting your mind into a deep relaxation. This massage aids to Improve circulation, invigorate skin, restoring muscles while calming your nervous system.








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