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  • What should I do to prepare for my nail appointment?
    Please choose an area outside that is shaded from the sun and close to a power outlet. Also, please wear your mask, have two chairs, a trash bag and beach or bath towel.
  • How do you clean your instruments?
    All of our instruments are disinfected after each client use and submerged into a salon grade solution. We also provide disposable tools for each client upon request.
  • What if I want 2 nail technicians?
    Generally, we send 1 nail technician to do back to back appointments. If you are having a large group, please notify us and we will let you know how many nail technicians we're able to send.
  • What if I have a foot fungus?
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver our services to you.
  • Do I need to have my own polish?
    We are happy to use your own polish, but we bring an array of frequently used colors for you to chose from. When booking your appointment, please tell us the colors that you'd like us to bring.
  • How do I book multiple appointments?
    You may email us, or use the Notes / Instructions section of our Service Request Form.
  • Do you do acrylics or dip powder?
    No we do not use acrylics or dip powder.
  • Do you soak-off dip powder?
    We will only soak-off Dip Powder if it’s on your natural nail. We do not soak off hard gels, acrylics or fake nails. You must book a mani/pedi to book a Dip Powder Soak Off.
  • What if I have Dip Powder on top of my fake nails?
    We do not soak-off Dip Powder from fake nails.
  • Is there a travel fee?
    Our travel fee is included in our prices for Nantucket for appointments over $100, as well as 20 minute commutes from the local hub in your service area. There will be an additional travel fee of $25 or more for locations outside of our 20 minute radius.

Evening Services



Hand In Home makes going to dinner or dining at home easy. We will place you with experienced and fun babysitters while you enjoy your evening out on Nantucket.


If you decide to stay in and host a dinner or cocktail party, have us do it for you. We staff kitchen helpers that will help you prep, serve food and drinks and clean up while you attend to your guest.

Email us today to hire a babysitter or kitchen helper.



Email us to get a quote on services.



A credit card is required to book the appointments. Payment is due after the services are rendered. An invoice will be sent with the total charges which are payable by Zelle, Venmo or a credit card on file. 



We ask that all appointments be cancelled within 72 hours. An agency fee is due for appointments cancelled outside 72 hours. Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours will be charged for four hours of  services. 

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